Greeting from the President

Words of greeting from the President

I take the post of the Presidency of the Parliament of Navarre with the firm intention of managing this Chamber from a perspective of transparency and accountability, which are conditions inherent to the government of a community founded on solidarity, plurality and progress.

I take on this responsibility with the aim of not disappointing any member of the community and with the wish to be a President for everyone, for all those who have placed their trust in me and for those who have not. I shall do so in accordance with my convictions, which are firm and deeply held, but I shall apply the same approach of flexibility, prudence and openness to dialogue, and a willingness to compromise, that has accompanied me since 2015, when I first formed part of this institution as First Vice-President.

This is the basis of my unbreakable commitment to dialogue, negotiation and agreement, which are requirements that should never be passed over when we are talking about a Parliament, and even more so, as is the case with our Autonomous Community, when we are before a Legislature that is as diverse as the one through which the will of the citizens of Navarre is expressed.

Unai Hualde Iglesias