The Ombudsman

The Autonomous Community of Navarra's Ombudsman is the Navarran Parliament’s high commissioner whose responsibility it is to defend and improve the protection of those rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the Organic Law of Reintegration and Improvement of Navarra’s Foral status.

The commissioner’s function is to protect the citizenry from any possible abuse or negligence by the Administration.

The Office of the Ombudsman was created and regulated by Navarran Law 4/2000, of the 3rd of July, passed by the Parliament of Navarra on the 22nd of June 2000.

Francisco Javier Enériz Olaechea has held the post since the 22nd of March 2007 on a six year mandate from the Parliament of Navarra.

Part of the Ombudsman’s work consists of investigation, the public authorities and the bodies of Navarra being obliged to assist immediately. The Ombudsman can formulate warnings, recommendations and suggestions regarding the adoption of new measures to the Public Administration. The interested party is always informed as to the result of the investigations, the steps taken and the Administration’s response.

The Ombudsman is independent and does not receive instructions from any other authority. The Ombudsman enjoys immunity and is inviolable.

The Ombudsman may be helped by an Assistant and has the freedom to designate and dismiss those advisors and reliable individuals as necessary in order to perform the duties required by the office. The Ombudsman drafts a Budget, which forms part of the Budget of the Parliament of Navarra.

All individuals and legal entities have the unrestricted right to contact the Ombudsman in order to clarify acts, resolutions and specific behaviour affecting an individual or group of individuals produced in the Navarran Administration at provincial or local level.